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You know, I have little experience in photo shoots. All of them were for some reason: New Year, pregnancy, wedding, etc. All other photos were taken on an iPhone by my husband or friends)
When I was presented with photography, I did not agree for a long time. It was not clear to me why all this was needed) All the photographers with whom I managed to work were the same. Like a template. Stand up, smile, sit down.
But I made up my mind. And I met Elena. You know it's something else. It's not about posing, it's about the soul and emancipation. The photographer is Lena's mission!
And then I realized - they gave me not just photography, but emotions! This is the best gift I could imagine!
Alyona & Ivan:
Exactly one year ago, Elena gave our family an invaluable gift.
Elena saved such an important moment in our lives. These photos are so alive and real that even our dad, being thousands of kilometers away from us, seemed to be standing very close. He must have heard my rubber boots sinking into the wet soil. How Lily's sonorous laughter, along with the sunset, dissolved in the air. He saw how the wind styled our hair with wheat, against all resistance) He felt how happy we were there.
Magic photos! I will thank you every year!
Hello Lena!
I`m so thnaksful to you for the photoshoot, for the wonderful emotions!
He atmosphere that you created was very warm and cozy. I felt like I knew you my whole life.
To be honest, I felt myself like it was my first date with my husband, I felt that I`m falling in love with him again! It`s such an incredible feeling! And it`s not just my thoughts.
After the photo shoot something has changed in our relationships! It`s become more thoughtful and warm.
We feel ourselves like juniors, we want to kiss and hug each other all the time) We started to send each other romantic letters and spend more time together and already stated to plan a trip)
We are so thnakful to you!
When I thought about a wedding photo shoot, I really wanted it to be special, non-standard, magical and truly "ours"...
I always choose a specialist not only for work, but also for response. And, oh my God, what happened when we met ... it's just a boom!!!
Your positive, your presentation, your style - as I said then - love from the first minutes)
And the way you supported and realized all my “wants”, and there were a million of them, I generally keep quiet !!!
As a result, in our photographs I see: style, tenderness, angles, emotions, zest, idea, the real us and your professional hand in each photo!
Lena, it's just space)
I have always dreamed of a wedding unlike any other, thanks to you this message is visible in every photo! Your work is invaluable, truly. Thank you so much for your professionalism, your positive, hard work, patience and boundless creativity!!!
Lena, my girl, thank you very much! I have been preparing and imagining this day for so long! Mom wanted so much to arrange such a gift and everything turned out in the best possible way !!! You are a professional, it is so easy and comfortable with you! We had great fun!
Omg, Lena! Thank you so so so much!
Amazing, amazing and one more time amazing!!!
We had so much fun during our Christmas family photoshoot! You managed to capture our very best moments of joy and happiness) I look through the photos so many times and love them all!
You have such positive vibes and we were feeling comfortable in front of your camera right away. You are that kind of photographer who put youe soul into the whole process of photography and I think that what makes it so priceless.
Thank you for being such a great human being!
I absolutely fell in love with the way Olena captures emotions and moments in her photos when I first saw her work. She has such a positive vibe and fun personality. Loved her professionalism from arriving early to figuring out where we were shooting, what we wanted, what looked good in the frame, experimenting with different angles and much more. Was incredibly helpful to shoot with two little children (my nieces). She was able to catch the rich colours and beautiful background in the photos.

Lena - Thank you so much for putting the lovely memories together for our family. Amazing work, your talent definitely shines through. You were so accommodating and made it easy. We really enjoyed working with you. I hope that we meet again very soon with another special occasion:)
If you have an opportunity to hire Lena for your event - don`t think twice, you`re in luck! Beyond being an absolutely talented photographer with a great vision and ability to capture emotions on camera, Lena has an amazing personality that makes a huge difference. We were fortunate to work with her for our wedding, and her calm personality, sense of humour and ability to connect with people made such a big difference on our special special day. It helped me to feel confident, relaxed and truly enjoy the day. Furthermore, she is extremely generous with her time and knowledge when it comes to planning phases. We met a couple times online/in person to discuss the vision I had for the event and most meaningful moments I wanted to be captured. Furthermore, she thoroughly reviewed my Pinterest board and helped to direct poses/overall theme on the day of, which I was grateful for. When we got our photos back in a month (which is so quick!!) I couldn`t stop looking at them as they are so beautiful and help me to relive the day. TL;DR Lena`s passion shows up in everything, from her generosity during the planning to the most gorgeous photos yo get once the event is over.

Cheers, Daria
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